Lake Placid, New York

This letter will serve as our mutual agreement for the property rental located at TBR. Here are the details:


Rental Period:  7 nights   --  4 pm check-in on date of arrival

10 am check-out date

Please abide by the check-in and check-out times.

Accommodations: 1 Bedroom with 1 Queen-size Bed, 1 Bedroom with 1 King-size Bed, 1 Bedroom with 2 Pair of Bunk Beds, 1 trundle, 1 futon double bed, 3 Bathrooms.


Number of Guests: No more than 8 people recommended.  Please notify us if you plan to have additional guests.   No more than 10 people.


Rental Charges and Fees: The dollar amounts will be listed as per the agreed rates

    3% State/County Tax

 $500 Refundable Security Deposit

 $150 Housekeeping Fee

 $TBR Total Charges/Fees


Payment Schedule:

Security deposit of $500 was received on (date specified).  Thank you! The balance of $TBR (rental and housekeeping) is due 45 days prior to arrival (TBR Date).  If you choose to pay by check, then please make it payable to Laura Huber and write Mountain View Chalet in the memo area of the check and send to the address at the top of this agreement.   We also accept VISA and Master Card.



You may cancel or rebook your reservation earlier than 45 days prior to your arrival date.  In the event of cancellation, all payments will be refunded except for the security deposit which will be refunded if we are able to rebook the dates.  If you cancel your reservation within 45 days of your arrival date, then we will refund the cleaning fee and damage deposit. But we reserve the right to keep the rental amount.  If we are able to rebook the property for all or part of that period, we will refund the rental amount or a prorated share, as appropriate.  If the balance is not received 45 days prior to arrival, then your reservation is forfeited and Mountain View Rentals may keep the security deposit unless the dates are booked by another party.  Please call us at 1-215-779-1219 if this becomes a problem.


Within 3 weeks after your departure, we will refund the security deposit, less any amount required to cover cost of additional firewood, pay-per-view movies, repairs for damages (other than normal wear and tear) or excessive cleaning required as a result of your visit. So, have fun, but please do not trash the place!


If we must cancel this agreement due to circumstances beyond our control, then our liability is limited to the amount that you had paid for security deposit, rental, and housekeeping.



We will pay all utility costs (internet access, water, heat, electric, gas, fuel oil, and local/long distance telephone calls within the U.S. and Canada.  To make other international long-distance calls, please call collect, use a credit card, or prepaid phone card. Internet access is by wireless access or by Ethernet cable that plugs into your computer.  You must supply your own computer for internet access.  We are not responsible for any damage (viruses, worms, etc) to your computer due to internet access.  A printer and copy machine are available for your use.  The telephone number at the Chalet is 518-302-5015.


Linens and Kitchen Supplies:

We will provide linens and towels, as well as starter paper products and some basic cooking supplies.


Trash Removal:

Please sort your trash in recyclable bins for plastics, glass, cans, and paper products.


Other Important Points:

You agree to the following:

 The property will not be occupied by more people than we have specified in this agreement.

 You will not allow dogs, cats, or other pets into the house.

 Smoking is not permitted inside the house.  Please respect this.  We are allergic to cigarette smoke!

 Neither you nor your guests will use illegal drugs on the property.

 You will take care not to play excessively loud music or otherwise create a nuisance to the neighbors.

 The house will be clean when you arrive, and we request that you leave it in good order. If cleaning after your departure requires more than 4 person-hours, then your security deposit will be billed at $50 per person-hour extra cleaning charge. So, please do not trash the place.  It is our home. Please notify us promptly of any damage or problems that arise.

 Unless there’s an emergency, we will notify you 24 hours in advance if we must enter the property during your rental period.

 You will be notified within one week of your arrival of the combination code which accesses the keys to the house.

 You agree that no person under the age of 16 will be allowed in the gym exercise area.  You agree to take financial responsibility for any injuries that may occur while using the gym equipment.


 Prior to checking-out, please remove sheets from beds and used towels and place them on the main floor in a pile.

 Clear table tops and counters of any trash and place in containers in garage.




***The Steinway piano will not be available for your use unless specifically requested.

***One rack of firewood will be provided.  Additional firewood available at $50 per rack.


Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to your visit, and wish for  your group to have a wonderful time in Lake Placid, NY.  Please return one signed copy of this agreement to us.  The other copy is for your records.




Steve and Laura Huber


                            Rental Agreement accepted:



                 ______________________        ____________

                        Renter's Signature                     Date

Nbr of Visitors

Contact Information:

  Laura Huber

  Mountain View Chalet



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